Sunday, February 19, 2012

Fashion Tips : Flat Shoes

Even though i don’t like (almost hate) flat shoes, some of you, people, actually adore them. So i think these tips might be helpful.

How To Make Sure Your Flat Shoes Look Fashionable
Many women have either vowed (subconsciously or otherwise) to only wear flats, while other women have banished them from their wardrobe entirely. While this decision often has to do with the height of the wearer, neither extreme is necessary - no matter how short or tall you are.
Flats should have a place in every woman’s wardrobe. If worn correctly, flat shoes can be as stylish and fun as their high-heeled counterparts, and they have the advantage of comfort that high heels will never beat.
So, whether you’re short, tall, or somewhere in between, give your feet a break every once in a while, and slip into a pair of comfortable flats. Use the following guidelines to be sure that your fashion-rating is high even when your heels aren’t.

Look for Flats with Style
Since flats usually aren’t as dynamic as heels, look for flats in fashionable colors, materials and textures to help jazz up your look without having to resort to higher heels.

Dress Up Simple Flats for an Ultra-Feminine Look
To make up for the simple styling of many flats, consider prettying up your outfit with ultra-feminine wrap tops, flared sleeves and layered shirts to help convey a head to toe ballerina look.

Flats and Skirts
Having no heel on your shoes can make your legs appear shorter. If wearing flats with skirts, shoot for a hemline that is above the knee, to regain a look of length to your leg. Wearing flats with longer skirts can give you a dowdy appearance.

The Right Pants for The Shoes
Capri pants and flats are a match made in heaven, but if you’re wearing long pants, make sure they aren’t too long. Having the hem of your jeans or slacks drag the floor, not only looks sloppy, it’s also a great way to ruin a pair of pants. Avoid wearing really tight pants or jeans with flats, as this can sometimes look frumpy. Instead, consider pairing pants with a flare to the leg with pointed-toe flats for an ultra-stylish look.

You know that flat shoes are only for old people above 60..


Adrian FS.

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