Monday, February 13, 2012

Seeing Double : Louboutin Laced Open Bootie Vs. Guess by Marciano "The Doozi" Vs. BCBGirls "Corona"

Christian Louboutin Laced Open Bootie

Desire the $860 Christian Louboutin’s Laced Open Bootie?

If you find those a bit scary (and pricy), there’s Guess by Marciano “The Doozi” that looks pretty much the same at $124, if you don’t think red soles is so important.

Guess by Marciano "The Doozi"

Also, there’s another alternative from BCBGirls “Corona” that has the same Design but different colors at $66.40. Care for a Bargain?

BCBGirls "Corona"
You know we could be stylish at any price..


Adrian FS.

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