Saturday, February 18, 2012

Seeing Double : Prada "Lovelies" Vs. Pelle Moda "Holly" Vs. Newport News Patent Pumps

Prada "Lovelies"

Prada "Lovelies" is a liiiiiittle bit tacky for me. Especially it cost around $600. But if you really into that, there are a few alternate route that didn’t cost that much.

The first one is Pelle Moda “Holly” that cost $101.40. The design is a bit different from Prada. But you can get the same flower petal signature heels.
Pelle Moda "Holly" Strappy Sandals

If these babies are still too pricy for the budget-conscious, there is yet another lower-end alternative via the Newport News website. Newport News Patent Pumps that cost only $39. This one is not nearly as successful as either the original or the Pelle Moda copy. But, it will fit in most budgets.
Newport News Patent Pumps

I actually wouldn’t mind the purple color variation, but I am horribly distracted by the excessive plastic-entombed glitter of this molded heel. These would have been much better off had somebody (anybody!) resisted the urge to pick up the glitter stick.

You know there are a lot of options if your budget is a bit tight..


Adrian FS.

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