Friday, February 10, 2012

Tumblr to Blogspot Change-up

I started blogging since I was still in higschool (around 2009). At first I didn't know which domain (or server? I dunno the term, sorry. Not really into technology that much lol) to choose. There are many of them. Tumblr, Blogspot, Wordpress. I didn't even know the difference..!

But one day, a good friend of mine, called Sofwan, made his blog on Tumblr and I thought, oh wow..! that's pretty cool..! So I tried and got soo comfortable in Tumblr until early 2012.

Since i'm a big fan of Tumblr blogging, I reccomended Tumblr to my bestfriend in Berlin, called Pamela. She got addicted very quickly, it was shocking. She even has 2 Tumblr accounts..!

After a while, she got bored and try blogspot. Since then her blog got pretty big and i'm curious (and jealous, of course..! ^^) about it. So she explained basically everything and now I have my own blogspot account..! Yay..!

So, check out my bestfriend's blog..! She's a marvelous beauty guru..! ;-)

You know you love Pamela's blog..!


Adrian FS.

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