Saturday, March 10, 2012

Fun Facts About Shoes : Heels for Italian Policewomen

Even though my motto is “If It’s Under 4 Inches, It’s A Flat Shoes”, I still don’t think that high heels are apropriate for Policewomen

So far I’ve always thought that women on the force wear high heels only in Hollywould movies. Right? I mean, how can you chase the bad guys perched atop 3-inch and higher pumps? And why would you do that? Yet, that’s exactly what they did. In the 90s, when I was still a firm believer in (and wearer of) pumps, I remember being intrigued, at the very least, that Scully in X-Files would run around catching alien monsters in impossibly high heels:

Yes, it makes for quite shapely legs, but wasn’t she caught by aliens who performed experiments on her? Huh, huh? Wouldn’t she have had a better chance to escape them had she been wearing sneakers, or at the very least, flats?

Apparently, that wasn’t enough of a cautionary tale for the women on the Italian police force. For some reason, they (who, exactly, I wonder?) thought it was a good idea to update the look of their uniforms with high heels, and thus we get this improbable headline from Spiegel Online: A Sole-Destroying Mistake: Italian Policewomen Get High Heels — In the Wrong Size. Oh, the humanity!

Apparently, the Italian police ordered high heeled-shoes for its 14,750 female police officers, who wanted to give their uniform a younger and sexier look (because, as everybody knows, a police officer who is not sexy is a pathetic excuse for a law-enforcer). The government commissioned the shoes cheaply in Romania. The shoes arrived–they were elegant, for sure–but the sizes were way too small. The result? A lot of pain and unusuable shoes left over, whose cost will be swallowed by the ministry.

Me? I’m almost surprised they didn’t force the women to wear them anyway–after all, it’s already painful to wear high heels on the job, all the time (on cobblestones, no less, people!)–what’s a little more pain added to that?

The Manolo would say Ayyyyyy! We should all say AYYYYYY!

You know High Heels isn’t always apropriate at any circumstances..


Adrian FS.

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  1. Maybe you you find out their duties before you comment. Not everyone who works in the police chases criminals.