Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Seeing Double : Christian Lacroix Natural Woven Leather Vs. Oh Deer! "PB&J" Cork-styled Shoe

Christian Lacroix Natural Woven Leather

Christian Lacroix Natural Woven Leather is pretty stylish for me, even though the heels is improper (too short). At $719, this shoe is down to it’s last size : 38 US. Perhaps a Lacroix fan could pick it up at the clearance price of 46% off its original price.

But if you don’t fit the size AND the budget, don’t cry your heart out yet. Oh Deer! “PB&J” Cork-Styled Shoe is a pretty decent Knock-off at around $120.
Oh Deer! "PB&J" Cork-styled Shoe

You know that “Bargaining” doesn’t sound so desperate right now..


Adrian FS.


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    1. I can't understand anything I'm really really sorry.

      You know you wish you speak japanese..


      Adrian F.