Friday, March 2, 2012

Seeing Double : Gucci Sevigny Vs. Nine West "Olivera"

Waaay back in February 2009, Rihanna, Camilla Belle, Ali Larter, and Debra Messing were all seen in Gucci’s Sevigny shoe (the shoe was named after the actress Chloe Sevigny). For me, it’s hard to pick which actress wore the shoes best since I admire all four for being able to pull off the thick ankle strap which tends to shorten the legs.
Gucci Sevigny in Black
Gucci Sevigny in Gold

At $696, this so-called “Foot Jewelry” is a bit Sky-High on price.

If you want the same effect, but on a lower, much much lower price, at $93, there’s Nine West “Olivera” which looks pretty much the same. Only the heels are shorter.

Nine West "Olivera" in Black
Nine West "Olivera" in Gold
You know that sometimes quality Knock-offs are as stylish as the original..


Adrian FS.


  1. hmmm the nine west are ok but the short heel makes it look less than stellar. Love the guccis though!

    1. i agree..! but still, the ankle strap thing is pretty risky since it tends to shorten the legs.