Friday, March 30, 2012

Trouble, Trouble : McQ Vs. Madden

Alexander McQueen may have just wow us at Paris Fashion Week, but he isn’t too happy with Steve Madden. The designer has filed a lawsuit against Madden for knocking off his ‘Faithful’ bootie. The complaint cites Madden’s ‘Seryna’ bootie as a “studied imitation” of McQueen’s design which debuted in January 2010.

Lawyers will argue that, “in fact, the only design element of the ‘Faithful Bootie,’ that Madden did not deliberately copy is the zipper pull that contains the ‘Alexander McQueen’ trademark.”

Meanwhile, Madden has since removed the design from his website, which was retailing at $129.95. McQueen’s booties are still available to purchase for $1,155.

You know that Steve Madden always immitate the finest..


Adrian FS.

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