Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Must Have Item : "Walking Class Heroes" Memory Card Game by Rockwell & Hudson

3 years ago a dear friend of mine, also a hardcore fashion enthusiast, gave me this game as my 20th birthday present. He said, "Walk to your twenties with a nice pair of shoes and take over the world, you fierce bitch. But first, test your shoe knowledge with this game."

After he gave me the present I immediately opened the gift wrapping and revealed this beauty to the world. No joke, both of us spent like around 2 hours just staring at each and every single one of those shoes in awe while listening to Lady GaGa's newest album back then. Amen Fashion indeed.

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From Louboutins to Zanottis, from Jimmy Choos to Manolo Blahniks, we expanded our fashion knowledge, simply by staring at the cards (Not only pictures, it also states the names of the designer. Perfection.)

Safe yourself from embarassment and fashion faux pas of not knowing which shoes from which designers.

You know you wanna expand your fashion knowledge (with fun)..


Adrian FS.

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