Monday, August 25, 2014

Ugly Shoe of The Month : Dior Red Nylon and Fur Moon Boots

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August 2014 Issue

I always thought that Dior could never do harm to fashion. I thought I could always trust Dior for elegance and opulence. Well, apparently I was wrong. Dior's Red Nylon and Fur Moon Boots is the proof.

I tried to do some research before I posted this review but clearly the world hated this boots more than I do beause there are almost no information of how much did this trainwreck cost, from which season it was, who was responsible for this mess, etc.

Well, nothing except the news from waaay back in 2008 that Mariah Carey wore this boots during her 2008 annual christmas trip in Aspen, Colorado. I shouldn't explain more. I mean, Mariah Carey wore it. With a matching red jacket. In 2008.

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I don't know which one is more cringe-worthy, the red boots itself or the fact that it's clearly snowing like no tomorrow in the picture and still she's trying to show her cleavage. But then again, obviously silicone has a really high tolerance against cold weather. So at least her career is the only thing that is frozen, not her feet and neither her cleavage.

You know this boots will haunt your dreams for the next weeks..


Adrian FS.

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