Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Fashion Tips : Shoes you'll definitely "fall" for. (*pun intended)

Fall is around the corner already, teasing us with breezy winds and fallen leaves. Even though it's a perfect weather nowadays to just chill and drink some warm chai latte in your couch with a snuggy, the show must go on. And what would be better than stepping on the new season with some nice pair of booties.

"Jimmy Choo Wister Ankle Boots"
Photo Credit : net-a-porter.com

You could never go wrong with a fresh pair of Jimmy Choo in any season. But for this fall, you will definitely drool over this one. It is called the Wister Ankle Boots and it has some snakeskin effects all over it. It's actually a simple looking bootie but with a twist. The zigzag design kinda makes it look edgier and rock glam-ish. If you "fall" for the Wister Ankle Boots, you can get it on net-a-porter.com for 775€.

"Lanvin Wedge Heel Ankle Boots"
Photo Credit : net-a-porter.com
If Jimmy Choo's Wister Ankle Boots is a bit uncomfortable for you while strutting along the street, covered in dried leaves, this ankle boot with a wedge heel from Lanvin will be an alternative for you. The wedge itself is not that high, around 8cm, and the color itself is also classy and timeless but not boring. I mean, how tired are you looking at black booties? (I mean shoes, not, you know..) Other than that, it cost a lot cheaper than Wister Ankle Boots at 490€ at net-a-porter.com.

"Gianvito Rossi Cut-Out Satin Bootie"
Photo Credit : net-a-porter.com
I know that sometimes people are scared of booties because it makes the legs look shorter. But this won't be an issue no more with this cut-out satin ankle boots from Gianvito Rossi. Not only it looks beautiful, it will also make your legs look beautiful too, plus at the same time giving your feet a cover for the harsh weather during fall. This multibeneficial boots is available at net-a-porter.com for 540€.

"Gucci Metal Front Suede Pump"
Photo Credit : net-a-porter.com
Lastly, if all of the above failed you, then go Gucci. It looks edgy and classy at the same time. Plus, don't you think the metal part in front is just romantic? Also the color is not a boring black so you won't look as if you haven't changed your shoes for the whole fall. Go grab one of these while it's available at net-a-porter.com for 585€!

You know that just like the temperature, this fall your savings will also fall to zero..


Adrian FS.


  1. The lanvin one is def my favorite and I actually can imagine myself walking on 'em! do you have any nice designer boots recommendations that are suitable for people with wider calves?? they're almost impossible to find !!

    1. I would recommend booties instead of boots if you have a wider calves.It does make your legs look shorter but you can trick it by wearing tights or socks with the same color as your booties to blur the lines between the end of the booties and your legs. This will create the illusion that your legs are longer.

      I would also suggest a bootie with a elastic side part on the opening, like the Saint Laurent pointed toe bootie. You can check it here : http://cdn.shoerazzi.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/Saint-Laurent-Pointed-Toe-Bootie-Nikki-Reed.jpg%3F4bc0f1

      Adrian FS.