Wednesday, September 24, 2014

"Oh my god! Are you Lily?!"

Since April this year, I moved from Berlin to Bonn, a small city near Cologne, Germany, for my internship. I left all of my old life and my glamour behind me and started a new life here. So it's been a while since I got in touch with the fashion world. One of the ways to keep my fashion obsession going is by reactivating and writing my blog again. It feels so good to actually be able to escape into my old life back.

I know y'all gonna think that I'm making such a big deal out of it. But I grew up in Jakarta, Indonesia. A metropolitan city, populated with 15 Million people. It was never boring, even sometimes it could be too much. Then I moved to Berlin, which is a lot smaller and quieter than Jakarta, but at least the glamour part is still there.

And now I'm in Bonn, a beautiful city where nobody gives an f about what you're wearing. Clothing is not something you use to show your personality, but only for functional reasons. There are mainly 5 colors that people wear here, black, blue, brown, gray and white. No wonder people are shocked when I came to work wearing bright colored bowties and an orange Ted Baker messenger bag.

Me and my Sis on top of Godesburg Tower in Bonn.
People stared at us the whole time even though we already wore "their" color palette.

Don't get me wrong, the people are extra nice here and the city itself is so beautiful. It's just a lot different from the people in Jakarta or in Berlin. So I struggled for a while and I always kept it in mind that the internship will only last for 6 months and then I'm out of Bonn. But several bad stuff happened to me and I just know that I needed to go back to Berlin for some time, just to clear my mind and calm myself down for a bit. So I went to Berlin

In Berlin, all I wanted to do was just to have fun with my sister and my friends, went to my chill places, party so hard til my legs gave up, and eat as much exotic food as possible (exotic food is really rare in Bonn, so if it exist somewhere, it'll be expensive, which I can't afford with my internship salary).

So on Saturday, August 30th, I planned to meet my sister for a quick snack in Ostkreuz, an area in Berlin, filled with cute cafes and restaurants. So I went there with the S-Bahn and I just sat there and played with my cellphone. Suddenly on the Gesundbrunnen station, I saw a really pretty girl from outside the train window and she went into the train with her boyfriend and they sat across me. She said something to her boyfriend in a british accent english and my jaw dropped then and there.

I could not hold myself and these words just came out of my mouth without control. I said, "Oh my god! Are you Lily?!", which she replied hestitantly with a soft, "Uhm.. Yes."

There she is, sat in front of me in a dirty train station in Berlin, one of my favorite Supermodel in the world, Lily Donaldson. I literally watched all of her Victoria's Secret Fashion Shows, even I kept her spread for Dolce&Gabbana in my room during my highschool, which I stupidly mentioned to her. I now realized how creepy that might sound. :-/

"Dolce & Gabbana Fashion Spread"
Photo Credit :
I could not help but to fangirl in front of her and her boy, Cyprien Gaillard. Cyprien even giggled a lot everytime i said oh god oh god. I must've looked like a crazy person.

We took a pic together and talked a bit but then I decided to stop and keep my mouth shut because I don't wanna annoy my idol. She then changed her seats and put on some hoodie and curled up, which made me feel bad because I don't want her to feel unsafe, it's just that I couldn't help it that I adore her so much.

Look at my face. Pure fangirl bloated face.
After the "happy incident", I went home smiling as big as it could possibly get. It felt like I finally got my glamour back, even though I know it doesn't make any sense. But anyway, I hope that after I move back again to Berlin in October, I'll get to meet my other idols. (I'll meet GaGa on her ArtRave concert in Berlin in October also. Already so excited ^_^).

You know you're jealous of me now..


Adrian FS.

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