Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Seeing Double : Laced with Lacey

Do you have a lace fetish?

I looooovveeee me some laces. Especially stilettos with laces. Super sexy! But which one is the best one? I will give you some of the best examples here. (Since there are literally thousands of lace shoes, this time I'll limit myself only with some pumps).

The first one would be from Christian Louboutin, the pump is called "Ambro" Leopard Lace Peeptoe Pump. Wow that's a mouthful.

"Christian Louboutin Ambro Leopard Lace Pump"
Photo Credit : Neiman Marcus
Isn't she beautiful? But like always, with beauty come a heavy price. This time it's 775€. If you're up for something simple yet elegant, this would be it.

The second one would be the hip and happening Jimmy Choo "Faith" Lace and Patent Leather Peeptoe Pump.

"Jimmy Choo Faith Lace and Patent Leather Pump"
Photo Credit : tinkitalks.blogspot.com

This one is sexier and edgier than Louboutin Ambro. Look at the curvy lines around the edges. Have you seen anything more seductive than that?

And talking about lace shoes would be a sin without mentioning the legendary Valentino Lace Court Shoe.

"Valentino Lace Court Shoe"
Photo Credit : sunrainey.com
I mean...

"Valentino Lace Court Shoe"
Photo Credit : wheretoget.it
How dreamy is that?! Looks like something out of fairy tale story. This shoe is perfect for a statement look. Like if you wanna impress your stylish boss or show your ex what he's been missing or so on.

There are still thousands of pretty lace shoes that I can't show one by one. But just for fun..

"Lace Shoes Examples"
Photo Credit : fashionoverreason.com

Which one would you choose and why? Let me know!

You know you want to be laced with all the lacey shoes..


Adrian FS.

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