Friday, November 28, 2014

Ugly Shoe of The Month : Miu Miu Plastic Rain Bootie

"Miu Miu Transparrent Plastic Bootie"
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November 2014 Issue

I don't even know where should I start to rant about this fugly rain plastic bootie by Miu Miu. I hate the see-through plastic look, which you can clearly see the vapour coming out of your feet. That is definitely not flattering to the eye.

Other than the unflattering feet steam, the fit of the shoe is also horrible. The length of the bootie is awfully odd, cutting your ankle in a very unfortunate way, and the width will surely make your feet look like a swollen elephant foot.

And please, don't even get me started on trashtalking about the pink color of the top part of the plastic bootie. The color reminds me of a cheap barbie shocking pink. Or used condoms. I don't know which one is worse. *shudder

Sadly, this piece of bootie (pun intended) is also available in other dreadful colors. Don't believe me? See it for yourself :

"Miu Miu Transparrent Plastic Bootie in Brown"
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Eeeekk..!! This color reminds so much of a industrial garbage disposal plastic bags.

Buuuuut there's one thing that I do like. The quirky screw heel could be a potential showstopper, if only combined with a subtle shoe design. Like this one for example :

"Miu Miu Unique Wedge Sandal"
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This wedge sandal actually reminds me of one of McQueens creation from the Plato's Atlantis Spring/Summer 2010 collection. It's quite unique yet wearable at the same time. If only the whole collection would look like this..

You know this shoe will definitely rain on your parade..


Adrian FS.


  1. OMG , why do you even need to buy shoes like these? just wrap your plastic bag from chinese grocery around your shoes! lol

    1. HAHAHAHAH exactly what I thought! Too bad that Miu Miu created something so bad like that. :-s


      Adrian FS.