Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Fashion Tips : Love is in the air

I'm not sure if it's really love that is in the air nowadays or it's just a crazy amount of pheromones scattered everywhere by the lovebirds during this valentine. However, I promised myself this year on valentine to be less of a bitter betty and more of a happy-go-lucky type of person. So, in order to perceive this year's valentine with more of an open mind and an open heart, let's start by researching some nice pair of foot candies that are suitable for valentine.

"Charlotte Olympia Heart Platform Shoe"
Photo Credit : shoeperwoman.com
The first one out of the bunch would be this nice peeptoe heart platform by Charlotte Olympia. Not only that this shoe is suitable for the event, it's not thaaat tacky that you can only wear it one time. It's actually a pretty nice look with just a hint of a sweet little heart in front of it. If you want to follow your heart and buy this shoe, it'll cost you around 600€.

"RED Valentino Rose Pumps"
Photo Credit : lyst.com
You don't need to wait for a special someone to give you a nice bouquet of fresh cut roses. This year, entertain yourself by being that special someone and send your own self this pair of Red Valentino rose pumps. It has a simple design with a pop of style in front, a perfect shoe for a valentine's date night. But again, every rose has its thorn. This thorn of this Red Valentino rose would be a 335€ bill.

"Christian Louboutin LOVE Suede Pump"
Photo Credit : dazzling-exciting.blogspot.com
Lastly, if love is what you're looking for during the valentine this year, Christian Louboutin might have the perfect solution for you. This bedazzled Louboutin LOVE suede pump will accompany you and will keep your little feet warm all through the night, just like the real love. Sadly this Love does cost a thing, 375€ to be exact.

You know that you will feel less lonely with these babies during the valentine..


Adrian FS.


  1. The rose one is surprisingly classy looking! :)

    1. Yea that's what I thought! If someone described to me a valentino pump shoe with a rose in front, I'd think it's a bit tacky, but turns out that it's pretty well made.


      Adrian FS.

      P.S. Welcome to my blog ;-)