Friday, February 20, 2015

Ugly Shoe of The Month : Tamara Mellon Duty Free High Overknees

Tamara Mellon Duty Free Thigh High Pumps
Photo Credit :
February 2015 Issue

Tamara Mellon created this fugly thigh high pumps and called it Duty Free. I can make up sooooo many rude jokes regarding the name Duty Free, but I won't.

Actually, if the pump itself was separated from the net stocking, it won't appear in our ugly shoe list. It would be boring though, a simple black suede pump with pointed front. Still, it would be a lot better than this fishnet hookery look.

If you're into the whole european hooker shebang, this piece would be great for your collection. But who wants to look cheap with the price of 2.070€??

You know this High Overknees is also High Overpriced..


Adrian FS.


  1. oh noooo!!! I thought the mesh stockings were separate! Can't believe they're part of the shoe...


    1. I know right! Else I won't put it in my ugly shoe section hehehe.. Btw, big fan of your blog. Thank you for visiting mine ^_^


      Adrian FS.