Monday, April 6, 2015

Must Have Item : Gianvitto Rossi Gitana High Sandal

Gianvitto Rossi Gitana High Sandal
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Gianvitto Rossi has a really nice shoe collection. But I've never been blown away by any of his pieces until now. Gitana High Sandal successfully took my breath away.

It has a oriental bohemian, kind of a gypsy feel to it, which is confirmed by the officials from Gianvitto Rossi, saying that Gitana High Sandal is a Gypsy Queen.

Gitana High Sandal by Gianvitto Rossi was first introduced to me by a blog post made by the lovely Life's A Shoe, so please check her out because now we know that she has an exquisite taste for foot candies.

I am especially mesmerized by the metal accents, which by the way is made out of silver. That explains a lot why this high sandal has a price tag over a thousand euro, 1.150€ to be exact.

If you're looking for something classy yet sexy with a slight edge to it, I would totally recommend this Gitana High Sandal by Gianvitto Rossi.

You know you wanna be a gypsy queen once in a while..


Adrian FS.

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