Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Hey people! I'm a Youtuber!

Hello people!

Since several years ago, a lot of people asked me constantly why I don't have any youtube channel. My answer was always, ah there's too many trolls on youtube so I'm just gonna stick to blogging. Besides I don't have any ideas whatsoever about what kind of theme for my channel.

Since I graduated several months ago, I'm constantly looking for a positive outlets for my time excess. So the idea of making a youtube channel popped in my head again.

Now I have two videos on youtube and it's basically all about diy videos. Why? Since I looove to create stuff by myself and have something unique that is not available for other people. And why not share it with other people on youtube?

Oh and what makes my channel special? I usually create something that has several extra use and purposes. Mostly revolves around people and dogs. Well, you'll understand what I mean once you watch my videos.

So, I'd be glad if you watch my two videos and subscribe to me. Please do leave comments and critiques on my performance, how can I get better, etc.

 Here's the link to my channel, in case you're wondering! Click here.

You know you want to see more..


Adrian FS.

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