Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Ugly Shoe of The Month : Marni Canvas Plateau Sandal

Marni Canvas Plateau Sandal
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May 2015 Issue

I am a firm believer that we are currently living in the future already. Technologies are already so advanced that it became a staple part of our lives. And honestly, futuristic fashion is also getting cooler and edgier day by day. However, Marni Canvas Plateau Sandal is not one of them.

It does have a futuristic vibe to it, almost like a millenial gladiator, but somehow the concept and the finish product does not seem to correspond so well.

I don't understand the zigzag plateau thing goin on, the choice of material for the sandal straps, the color, even the strap buckle that looks like one of the buckle for the strap of a cheap school bag. Plus, you know how I despise a complete open toe footwear.

If you're up for a galactic hooker geisha chic look, this canvas plateau sandal from Marni could probably be a perfect choice for you. If you have €570 to throw away.

You know you don't want this in your future closet..


Adrian FS.


  1. IIhhhhh the wedges look like a missing body part from Incredible Hulk xDDDD.
    They must be expensive, right?? Sometimes I just can't understand the fashion world. xDD

    1. Hahahah I know right. Who would spend 570€ on something that looks like that?!


      Adrian FS.