Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Shameless Promo of The Month : June 2015

So I know this might be annoying for some of you guys, but several of you already asked me personally that I should update some of my newest youtube videos here. I decided to give you guys an update once a month so it won't be too annoying ihihih..! ;-D

So here are some yummy recipes from my channel, in case you wanna try some :

1. DIY Granola Bars

2. DIY Indonesian Salsa (Sambal Matah)

3. DIY Frozen Fruit Yogurt Cookies

Let me know which video is your personal favorite! If you wanna watch more, you can click here to view my channel. Oh and I post twice every week, in case you're wondering

You know you wanna watch more of me..


Adrian FS.

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